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THRIVE Combo Pack

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This combo pack includes THRIVE - Discipler's Guide, THRIVE - Handbook for New Christians, and SENT! to your neighbors. Includes free download of THRIVE - Handbook for Christian Growth.

THRIVE - Discipler's Guide

For training established Christians to personally help new Christians grow stronger in their relationship with Jesus - through friendship and informal tutoring, using THRIVE - Handbook for New Christians. Prepares the reader to disciple new believers one-to-one or to use with small groups. Includes the lessons for new believers from THRIVE - Handbook for New Christians for study by the discipler, plus the answers and practical teaching aids. The Discipler's Guide also provides training for the established believer in relational evangelism.

Purchase of the Discipler's Guide includes access to the password protected sessions of the online training videos. Send an email to [email protected] to request your password. Visit for more information. 

Click here for a sample lesson.

THRIVE - Handbook for New Christians 

A powerful, user-friendly workbook to help new believers of all ages grow in conversation and cooperation with Jesus in everyday living. It will help them understand the Bible, develop an ear for God's voice, live obedient lives, and build true friendships with both believers and unbelievers. Most effective when used with a study partner. (The lessons are photocopiable only for personally assisting other new believers.)

Click here for a sample lesson.

Formerly Harvester's Handbook Young Christian Manual.

SENT! to your neighbors 

SENT! explains a "soft-sell" witness style to empower rank and file believers to influence toward Christ lost persons in their personal harvest fields to whom they are sent by the Sent One, Jesus. Why not go to work every day as a "missions trip" to reach lost people around you? See the waiting harvest in your neighborhood, job site, recreation and physical fitness venues, hair and nail salons, favorite coffee shops and restaurants, family get-togethers, etc. Include yourself when you pray for missionaries Ð since you are sent by the Lord of the harvest to be a "friend of sinners" in your Jerusalem. This book presents neighborly principles and practices that help believers behave as "witnesses" in the simple daily ways that are proven to be most effective but often are neglected. But that's not all!

The bonus under this cover is a booklet called StartUp Studies Ð four simple effective "milk of the Word" lessons for new believers to resource a mentoring relationship that you can provide for the critical "newborn" weeks following a faith-commitment to Christ. Additional resources are referenced for long term mentoring for 6-12 additional months. Both curricula - along with mentoring - successfully produce effective witnesses and disciplers. Good soil multiplies fruit!

Remember, if we are not on mission, it is the lost who lose. If we are on mission, the found win!