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The Largest UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUP in the United States

Posted by James Hall on

An unreached and overlooked people group in the U.S. are all around us. They live in our neighborhoods and share the same work and trade space with most evangelical Christians in our country. They are members of the FRAN tribe. A few outreach minded churches have called special "FRAN Day Sundays" to try to reach this tribe, but with limited success.

FRAN tribe members tend to be resistant to special events with big crowds and high impact programs. They are suspicious of ads for Christianity that paint Christians in an idealized fashion that often does not resemble the real behavior of the believers they know. They want proof of Jesus power to change lives demonstrated in the positively different behavior of believers among them, before they are willing to accept as honest the commercials on Christianity they hear from media and stage productions.

This tribe lives in a well-known "window" in the world called the "24/7 Window", a location that has amazingly immediate access to most believers. Tribal members are so numerous and widespread that they are within our reach 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The subgroups in this tribe are indicated by the letters that spell FRAN: F for Friends we go out of our way to be with, R for Relatives we are connected to by family ties, A for Associates we have to be around in the work place, and N for Neighbors who live near us. Members of one or more of these people groups live in almost every believer's personal 24/7 window.

Christians largely ignore the FRAN tribe, however, as we go our way through each normal day. They in turn largely ignore our occasional invitations to attend special "outreach" events sponsored by our church or favorite Christian performer. That is why the FRAN tribe is an unreached people group.

ASK YOURSELF: Who in this people group do I love enough to pray for? What have I been doing to show them Christ's love? Have been looking for opportunity, with God's leading, to explain to them the personal relationship they can have with Him? Who will Jesus say would have been "saved" in my 24/7 window if I had intended, and acted, in faith and love to lead them to Jesus?

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