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Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is God's BIG SURPRISE for our messed up planet.

It seems highly unlikely that Holy God, satisfied within Himself for eternity with ultimate friendship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, would be willing for one of those Persons to come to earth for awhile to live in the cramped quarters of a human body among crooked humans and allow Himself to be lynched. The obvious question is: WHY?

You should find this hard to believe, but He actually did it FOR YOU, (and for me), so that He could rescue us from the punishment a HOLY God must give out for rebellion against Him (called "sin"). That punishment is eternal hell.

As good as that rescue sounds to us pain-avoiding humans, it is not the best part of the deal. The best is that Jesus offers you and me eternal friendship with Him - and the Holy Spirit and the Father. Don't ask me to explain the "Three-in-One". My best guess it is something like electrons, protons, and neutrons in one atom. I would be suspicious of a God that is not more complex than my limited mental abilities can comprehend. I like the statement: "The two great facts of universe are: 1) There is a God. 2) I am not Him."

The friendship starts with Jesus being kind to us before we are even paying any attention to Him. When He does get our attention, He offers to forgive us of the all the things that bother our conscience - and that bother HIM. He wants to get the sin out of the way SO THAT He can become our best friend forever! BIG SURPRISE, for sure!! Likely story, "Best friends with God!" - BUT IT IS TRUE! (He certainly doesn't do this because He doesn't have any other friends! Remember, He did rejoin His eternal friends, Father and Holy Spirit. It's not like He needs us to get through His day!)

Read through Jesus' resume below, to get a better understanding of Who He IS. You need to answer that question before considering the NEXT question: "What does He want from me?" And why does He want something from you? It is because Jesus has loved you far more than you can imagine since long before you were born on earth - and loves you today. He really wants you to accept His offer of friendship, for your sake and for His sake!


The following tells Who Jesus is, and what He did.

1. Jesus is both MAN and GOD. He lived forever in heaven before He was born as a Jewish baby in Israel, almost 2,000 years ago. And He still lives today!

2. EVERYTHING Jesus did on earth was GOOD. He was a man who lived perfectly to please His Father God, and to help others. Jesus loved the people around Him. He showed His love by teaching them, healing them, evicting their demons, and visiting their neighborhoods and homes, and talking with them.

3. The way He lived was exactly as His Father told Him to live, and as a man He had to depend on His Father's help to do what He did. His behavior shows you what God is like.

4. The Roman ruler over Israel executed Jesus at the request of the Jewish leaders, who were jealous of Him because of the crowds who followed Him. They hated Jesus because He exposed their sin.

5. When Jesus died, God punished Jesus for all the things you did wrong in God's eyes (called "sin"). (Jesus Himself never did anything wrong, so He had nothing to be punished for!)

6. God brought Jesus back to life from His grave, and then brought Him back to heaven to be King of the universe forever. He rules now over every person who believes in Him and willingly obeys Him.

7. One day Jesus will return to rule the whole world in love and total authority.

It may seem narrow-minded to say Jesus is the only way to connect with God and go to heaven, but sometimes the truth is narrow. Jesus had to actually be the Son of God to pull off His rescue mission. No other great religious leader in history has claimed to HIMSELF BE the way to God. They have pointed the way for others, but who they were was not essential to following their teachings. That is what is different about Jesus.

Jesus Himself said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father (God) except through Me."(New Testament - John, Chapter 14, verse 6, The "only one way to God" thing is something Jesus Himself made a big point of, many times, in His brief public life. That leaves us with one of three options in how to view "Who Jesus Is."

1. If He said it but He knew it wasn't true, then He is a liar.
2. If He actually believed it, but it is not true, then He is a lunatic.
3. If He is, in fact, who He said He was, then He is Lord over all the earth, including you and me!

IF you believe the third statement is true, click on the second question:
"What does He want from me?