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SENT2 Your Neighbor

SENT2 Your Neighbor

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SENT2 explains a "soft-sell" witness style to empower rank and file believers to influence toward Christ lost persons in their personal harvest fields. To these we are sent by the Sent One, Jesus! Why not go to work every day as a "missions trip" to reach lost people around you? See the waiting harvest in your neighborhood, job site, recreation and physical fitness venues, hair and nail salons, favorite coffee shops and restaurants, family get-togethers, etc. Include yourself when you pray for missionaries - since you too are sent by the Lord of the harvest to be a "friend of sinners" in your Jerusalem. This small book presents neighborly principles and practices that effectively witness in simple daily ways that are effective but often neglected.

Remember, if we are not on mission, it is the lost who lose. If we are on mission, the found win!

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